Identify Tickets Past The Due Date

A timely response is what makes a customer happy. It shows that the customer is important to you and you care about his/her concerns. Helpdesk Pilot SLA feature is a great way to ensure that all customer support queries are attended to on time.

However, if you don’t have service level agreements with your customers or just want a quick fix to access tickets that are past their due, you are in luck. A combo of the Due Date feature and smart rules can help you achieve similar results.


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New Updates to Helpdesk Pilot: Advanced Search, Merge Tickets, Auto Assignment and More

A new version of our user friendly support system, Helpdesk Pilot is now available. A ton of new features, enhancements and bug fixes are part of this new upgrade.

We’ll be walking you through many of these features in the coming days. In the meantime, here is the complete changelog:

New Features

  1. Advanced search option (including custom fields)
  2. Now possible to save search results and set landing page options on a per staff level to a specific saved search
  3. ALL NEW – Actions drop down option in ticket detail page for actions that can be performed
  4. Merge tickets
  5. Auto Assignment feature – assign tickets based on round robin assignment
  6. Integration with Olark live chat and SnapEngage live chat services
  7. New print options – ticket list page for multiple tickets. In ticket detail page-options to select/deselect Messages, Forward notes, Private Notes, Activity log
  8. Custom favicon support for instances which have Re-branding option
  9. New BCC template for Reply template, so that all customer replies can be BCCed to one email ID
  10. Configurable settings for fields to be displayed on staff new ticket form
  11. Ability to add private notes to tickets from staff replies to email notifications
  12. Added due date condition and due date as action in Smart Rules
  13. Added set category in the actions list in Smart Rules
  14. Log of deleted tickets (Note: Not applicable when category is deleted and tickets under it are bulk deleted)
  15. Added custom field import in contact import via CSV/XLS
  16. New tags – last_customer_reply and last_staff_reply in notification templates
  17. Email field optional on new ticket form
  18. Quick ticket bar
  19. Helpdesk Pilot now supports new languages – Russian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Hindi, Romanian, Albanian, Greek, Slovenian, Hungarian, Czech, Traditional Chinese, Italian and Korean.

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