New updates on all Trial instances

We are happy to inform that all Heldpesk Pilot trial instances have now been updated to the latest version of the application. The updates have been mentioned below.


1. Quick Private note message posted text corrected
2. Better handling of URLs for selective managerial role permissions
3. Removed reset and cancel buttons in update custom fields section
4. More prominent "clear search" text on search action
5. Search on My Queue now loads search results under All filter
6. Due date display fix
7. Fixed issue where when there is no name for a contact, it's not possible to go to the contact detail page
8. Allow time spent to be editable by allowing negative value input
9. Security enhancements

Bug Fixes

1. IE fixes for embed code
2. Fixed bug where export of reports was not showing the correct ticket assigned value
3. Fixed bug where newly added staff was not being picked as a valid choice in the private note alert query set
4. Fixed bug where import contacts link was available to non admins in an instance

New Features

1. Forward ticket
2. HTML notifications
3. Rich text notification templates
4. Ability to restore default notification templates
5. Move ticket from ticket detail page
6. Migration support for Helpdesk Pilot 4.4.5 customers to move to Helpdesk Pilot 5
7. Related tickets now supports full ticket ID search with or without '#'

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