New Features & Improvements: Highlights of the September Update Rollout

The updates for the month of September were rolled out yesterday. This rollout has a gamut of new features and improvements that are ready to use for both existing and new users of HelpdeskPilot. Here are the major highlights:

<h2>New Features</h2>

<h3>Tag Auto Suggestions</h3>


Tags are a great way to group together and access related tickets. To make adding tags to tickets easier, we have now introduced the auto suggestion feature.

<h3>Sample reports and Smart Rules</h3>


It’s a breeze to create smart rules or to pull custom reports in HelpdeskPilot. Still, to help new users to better understand the power and flexibility of the HelpdeskPilot ticketing system, we have bundled couple of new Reports and Smart Rules to all new accounts created.

<h3>Sample MyQueue</h3>

The MyQueue functionality personalizes the way tickets are displayed to you. From now on, it’s turned on by default and all tickets assigned will be displayed if you visit the MyQueue section of your helpdesk account.

<h3>Better Display of Priority Indicators</h3>


To emphasize the importance of the level of a ticket’s priority, we have come up with a better way of displaying them to you. Now there are different indicators for priorities.


Each Canned Action can now have a preset time spent and tags associated with it by default.


Whenever you edit a message (created by you or another staff member), it’s duly marked in the activity log. So, no mischiefs people!

When you are replying to multiple tickets using the Mass Reply feature, you can avail the ‘no-change’ option for ticket properties that belong to various categories without altering their priority status.

To prevent unregistered customers from creating new tickets, we have removed the Create New Ticket link from the Customer Panel login page. To bring it back, follow these simple steps.

The staff who creates a new Report, is now associated to it by default. This way, they won’t be denied to access if they forgot to add a checkmark before their name. 

A fresh font and a remarkable increase in performance are also part of this rollout. To learn about every little enhancement and bug fixes, check out the detailed changelog!

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